网上有一些关于debian logo的由来,但很多都感觉有点扯







我想知道你对那个 Reddit 线程中的说法有什么不满意的地方?


Hi, it was in no way related to Buzz Lightyear. If you look at the official Debian logo page:

Debian logos

You will see that what ended up being designated as the restricted use logo, was originally meant to be the general use logo.

The original idea was the logo represents a genie bottle as a vessel that releases a very powerful entity into the world.

The swirl represents the genie, that while immensely powerful, cannot do anything by itself, instead, it grants all that power to the user.

If anything it was inspired by Neil Stephenson’s article “UNIX, the Hole Hawg of operating systems” piece:

I hope this clears things up. The swirl, as evident by this sub, is a very common and ever present shape in nature, I wanted a non anthropomorphic way to represent the genie. It seemed to me that representing the moment when the being is released on to the world as a dynamic swirl of smoke would convey the enthusiasm I felt when I first learnt about GNU/Linux and the potential for free software to change the world.