Debian 12.3 发布推迟

Debian 12.3 image release delayed

December 9th, 2023

Due to an issue in the ext4 file system with data corruption in kernel 6.1.64-1, we are pausing the planned Debian 12.3 point release images for today while we attend to fixes.

Please do not upgrade any systems at this time, we urge caution for users with UnattendedUpgrades configured.

For more information please refer to Debian bug report #1057843

linux kernel 6.1.64-1 存在 ext4 文件系统数据损坏问题,debian 12.3 镜像推迟发布。

另外,在新版本 linux kernel 推送前请不要更新系统。

12.4 的更新已经推送了,我上午刚刚更新。

Debian 12.4 已发布,kernel 问题已修复。

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