bits from the release team: bookworm freeze started

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Hi all,

=== bookworm Transition and Toolchain freeze ===

We’re pleased to announce that the freeze for Debian 12 ‘bookworm’ has
begun. On January 12th we stopped accepting transition requests and we
are working to complete the transitions in progress. We ask the
maintainers of packages that are part of the toolchain to stop
uploading those packages [1] without prior approval from us. We remind
everybody to stop uploading large or disruptive changes to unstable,
from here on experimental is the place to do that.

Further details of the freeze are available in the freeze policy [2].
The freeze contains 3 more milestones:

  • 2023-02-12 - Milestone 2 - Soft Freeze
    no new packages, delayed migration
  • 2023-03-12 - Milestone 3 - Hard Freeze - key packages and packages
    without autopkgtests need a manual unblock for migration
  • TBA - Milestone 4 - Full Freeze
    all packages need a manual unblock for migration

=== RC bugs ===

The current list of Release Critical bugs for bookworm [3] is
progressively looking better. Thanks to everybody who is helping
out. That said, we’re not there yet, ideally the number of RC bugs
goes down to zero. And autoremoval has done it’s job, there’s a large
set of packages that are currently not in bookworm, so this is your
last chance to bring them back.

Don’t forget to organize your bug squashing parties:
BSP - Debian Wiki There’s one planned in Switzerland later
this month.

=== release notes ===

We like to draw your attention to the release notes. We have hardly
received any proposals (or even ideas), don’t forget to file things
worth mentioning against the release-notes pseudo package in the bts
or prepare your MR on salsa [4]. The release notes editors will be
helping you to shape the text, so don’t be shy and submit those rough
ideas already.

=== testing upgrades ===

If you are in the position to already upgrade some hosts from bullseye
to bookworm, we like to hear from you if you run into issues. If you
don’t know which package is to blame, please don’t be shy and report
it against the upgrade-reports pseudo package and people following
that package will try and help find the right package (help wanted for
the triaging).

=== your packages ===

Please take this opportunity to check packages are in their final
shape and stay vigilant for release-critical bugs.

On behalf of the Release Team,