debian bullseye 计划将于8月14号正式发布

不知道这次debian发布之后由于centos8 的EOL,会不会有很多之前的centos企业用户转而使用debian呢

参考:bullseye release planned on 2021-08-14 and the last weeks up to the release

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CERN 似乎迁移到了 CentOS Stream,但是……

CERN and Fermilab have been evaluating a number of options in view of the sudden change of end of life of CentOS Linux 8 in December 2020 and the move to Stream. A migration path for servers already running CentOS Linux 8 is being provided to CentOS Stream 8 for those needing this release and latest features. Continued support for existing workloads on Scientific Linux 7 and CERN CentOS 7 will be maintained as previously planned. We are evaluating a number of scenarios for future Linux distributions such as community editions or academic licence options over the next 12 months as the shorter Stream lifecycle is not compatible with a number of use cases for the scientific program of the worldwide particle physics community.

我认为 CentOS企业用户是否切换可能要取决于 CentOS 的分叉是否会成功。按照 RedHat 的主张,

Fabian Arrotin split CentOS users into two categories; the first is paying attention to the announcement and making plans, while the second is not. For the former, neither of George’s auto-switch options would affect them; they have presumably already arranged a switch: to Stream, one of the alternative, compatible distributions mentioned above, or to some other distribution entirely. But the latter group, whose systems will have more and more known vulnerabilities over time, should just be forced into CentOS Stream 8, he said.

如果CentOS 的分叉事实上不成功,那么这些企业用户就面临 CentOS Stream 和 切换分发的二选一。而在切换分发的选项中,Debian 无疑是最佳选择之一。



而选择debian的话,在“字面上”是找不到商业支持的,这对于企业这种以责任制来划分结构的组织来说,有时是一个绕不过去的点~ 从这一点上讲,分流到ubuntu倒是可能性很大~