2021 roadmap mid-year update


It’s time to check where we are on the items I mentioned for my 2021 roadmap:

Polkit-in-KIO: ON TRACK

This work is proceeding and is currently in the final stages of QA. I expect it to finally be merged sometime this year!

Power/session actions in the lock screen: AT RISK

No new work done. May not happen this year.

Production-ready Plasma Wayland session: ON TRACK

In part due to it being an official KDE goal, a truly enormous, herculean amount of work has gone into making the Plasma Wayland session usable, to the point where the Fedora KDE spin has decided to enable it by default in Fedora 34, which ships Plasma 5.21. This is quite a vote of confidence! I fully expect that by Plasma 5.23, it will be broadly usable for day-to-day use. I find that it’s almost there for me.

Fingerprint support throughout the stack: AT RISK

No new work done. May not happen this year. We are kind of blocked by the necessary SDDM pieces not being done yet. Assistance needed.

Finish up Breeze Evolution: ON TRACK

Work is proceeding and the new widget style will land in Plasma 5.23. After that, most of the remaining work requires changes to apps themselves, particularly to make them less framey. Adopting KHamburgerMenu in more of our apps will help too, and it’s already been done for Dolphin and Gwenview, with more on the way.

Kickoff replacement: DONE

We landed the new Kickoff in Plasma 5.21, to mostly positive feedback. A few of you loved the old Kickoff and have decided to keep using it, which is fine. But overall, the new one has been a hit!

Reflowing text in Konsole: DONE

This work was completed early in the year to universal acclaim. A much needed improvement!

Overall we’re in a good state. If you’d like to see this work happen faster, please help out! Review merge requests, file bug reports, submit code–the sky’s the limit.