Debian testing bullseye明年1月份开始第一阶段冻结

Freeze is near, prepare for it

On 12 January 2021 we’re hitting the first milestone of the bullseye
release: the Transition and (build-)essentials Freeze. If you made plans
for the bullseye release, now is the time to evaluate if it’s realistic
to go ahead or if time is running too short. Remember you always have
experimental to stage changes. If there is a unfixed bug that is nagging
you, remember to fix it (e.g. via an NMU) now rather than later.

When the Transition and (build-)essentials Freeze starts, we’ll be
expecting maintainers to not start new transitions, and to avoid large
and/or disruptive changes in their uploads. Maintainers of packages that
are part of (build-)essentials are expected to stop uploading these
packages, or in case something is really needed to align with us before

Please consult the bullseye freeze policy and timeline [BULLSEYE-FREEZE]
for detailed information about the different types of freezes and
what they mean for you.